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Please note: Our telephone number has changed!

Northdown Surgery
St Anthony’s Way
Kent CT9 2TR

Telephone: 01843 231661
Fax: 01843 231231

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You are able to email us by clicking on the link below. However, please send emails for non-urgent problems and not for subjects that require an immediate response. This facility is not for appointment requests, investigation results or prescription requests / enquiries. The reply may not be given for several days or longer, dependent on staffing levels.

Please note: Information sent using this page is not secure and any reply will also not be secure. Therefore, only send information you would be happy to send and receive by a Royal Mail postcard as we can not guarantee confidentiality.

By clicking on the link below you agree that anything you send or receive in email correspondence with the practice will not be regarded as confidential and you will not hold the practice liable if the correspondence is read by someone other than the intended recipient.

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